161 Squid Game Challenge

Lorenzo, Player 161 is 26 year old ex-Asset Manager from the United Kingdom.

Lorenzo describes himself as a “master manipulator” and delivers an excellent chicken mimic. He enjoys designing clothes, basketball, and listening to music. He’s been manifesting himself while playing the previous game, and he knows he’ll be a multimillionaire soon – no strategy required.

Only 63 players left at the end of Episode Five, and Lorenzo is one of them.

Lorenzo went on to explain that he didn’t have time for “people pleasers.” In an elimination vote, the players were compelled to key in the number of the player they wished to eliminate, and Lorenzo was confident he would be safe because he had no sense of self-awareness. When players vote to eliminate someone, their photo is displayed on a screen so that everyone knows who they voted for, causing enormous drama and stress among the players. Player 302 of course voted for Lorenzo, and he returned the courtesy by voting for LeAnn.


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