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Thirteen siblings were held captive by their parents, tortured, locked up inside a Riverside County home and cut off from the outside world for decades. Now, two of the Turpin children Jennifer Turpin and Jordan Turpin are speaking publicly for the first time about the horrifying ordeal.

The documentary of Turpin Family is not on Netflix. But there are other streaming platforms which have the Documentary based on The Turpin Family.

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Where to watch Turpin Family Documentary

Watch Escape From A House Of Horror on 19 November 2021 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC and stream Escape From A House Of Horror on Hulu on 20 November 2021. Watch the documentary on Hulu —>>> ‘Escape from a House of Horror‘ – A Diane Sawyer Special Event on 20/20 Season 44 Episode 7.

Escape from a house of horror where to watch

Watch / Stream OnDocumentary NameWhere to Watch
Amazon PrimeThe Turpin 13: Family Secrets ExposedThe Turpin 13: Family Secrets Exposed
ABC or HuluEscape From A House Of Horror Escape From A House Of Horror

You can also read book by Author John Glatt The Family Next Door: The Heartbreaking Imprisonment of the Thirteen Turpin Siblings and Their Extraordinary Rescue which covers the devastating story of the Thirteen Turpins and how they were rescued.

David and Louise Turpin

David and Louise Turpin isolated their 13 children from the world and locked them inside their home for years, even chained them to their beds. The thirteen Turpin’s were allowed to shower once a year and were fed one meal a day. Occasionally they would capture Happy family photos in matching outfits, until the night their 17 year old daughter Jordan Turpin called the policed 911 in 2018 using an old cell phone her parents didn’t know she had.⁠

Full Story of Turpin Family

David Turpin born October 17, 1961 and Louise Turpin born May 24, 1968 married in 1985 in Pearsburg, Virginia when David was 23 & Louise was 16. David was a computer engineer who graduated from Virginia Tech.

The couple are adherents of Quiverfull movement and Pentecostalism. According to David’s parents the couple kept having children because “God called on them” to do so. From 1988 to 2015 they had ten daughters and three sons.

In 1999 the Turpin’s left Fort Worth, Texas for Rio Vista, then left the area in 2010. After the family left neighbors found feces and beds with ropes tied to them in the house, along with dead cats and a pile of garbage around the property.

At the Turpin’s Perris, California house neighbors reported that the children were silent unless spoken to, would skip rather than walk, appeared malnourished and pale. One of Louise’s sisters even said that David and Louise refused to let her see the children.

The children weren’t always held captive. Photos emerged of the parents all 13 children visiting Disneyland in nearby Anaheim. The children were all wearing matching shirts. David and Louise had an affinity for Disney and for the park. The vanity plates on the couples two cars were “Dland” & “DL4ever”.

For years the parents had imprisoned, beaten and strangled their children allowing them to eat once per day and shower once per year. The older children appeared much younger due to malnourishment; the 29 year old weighed 82 lbs. Some appeared to lack basic knowledge of the world.

By 2018 the Turpin children had been planning to escape their parents for more than two years. On January 14, 2018 two of the girls left the house through a window. The younger girl (13 years old) became frightened and turned back but the 17 year old got some distance away and called 911 on a cellphone she had brought with her. When police officers met her she showed them photos of conditions inside the house.

Deputies raided the house inside which they found twelve children; one was shackled to the bed and it appeared that two others had been shackled just before the officers arrived. The children were so malnourished the deputies thought they were all under the age of 18 years in fact when seven of them were over the age of 18.

All the children spent several weeks in hospitals after which six minors were put into two foster homes. In early 2020 the Riverside County Deputy District Attorney said that “some of them are living independently, living in their own apartment and have jobs and are going to school. Some volunteer in the community. They go to church.” One had even graduated from college.

The Turpin’s were charged with twelve counts of torture, twelve counts of false imprisonment, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, and six counts of child abuse; David received an additional charge of a lewd act on a child under the age of 14. Both were sentenced life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after serving 25 years. People believe they will never receive parole due to the severity of the crime making it effectively a life sentence.


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