First Wives Club Cast 2023

The Netflix series The First Wives Club premiered on November 15, 2023. This BET+ original series retells the classic story of three college friends, Ari, Hazel, and Bree. Due to the untimely death of a common friend, their paths cross again, and as they deal with Hazel’s very public divorce, Ari’s unsatisfying marriage, and Bree’s unfaithful spouse, a relationship stronger than ever rekindles.

This 2019 rendition of the First Wives Club story adds a new, contemporary twist to the original story. The series promises to keep the inspiring spirit of its predecessor while educating a new generation to the joys of female friendship and righteous revenge, with a commitment to diversity and a contemporary approach.

The series reimagines the storyline with a completely African-American cast, providing a new perspective on the experiences of women experiencing comparable challenges, resulting in a more varied and inclusive plot. At the centre of the First Wives Club are three dynamic characters: Ari, Bree, and Hazel, who are brought to life by Ryan’s extraordinary talents. Jill Scott, Michelle Buteau, and Michelle Bathe.

Ryan Michelle Bathe as Ariel ‘Ari’ Montgomery

Michelle Buteau as Dr. Bree Washington

Jill Scott as Hazel Rachelle

RonReaco Lee as Gary Washington

Mark Tallman as David Montgomery

Michelle Mitchenor as Jayla Wright

Tara Pacheco as Versace

Bill Barrett as Jacob Rosen

Deborah Cox as Regina Crowell

Mikhail Keize as Nigel

Tobias Truvillion as Khalil

Jordan Carlos as Curtis

Malik Yoba as Derek Ellsworth

Auston Jon Moore as Ollie Washington

Jaxon Rose Moore as Imani Washington

Essence Atkins as Maxine Hart

Sydney Mitchell as Vanessa

Tasha Smith as Savannah


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