Supacell Ending Explained

Supacell on Netflix has come to a dramatic climax, delivering plenty of answers while also paving the path for a potential second season.

The sci-fi series, written and directed by Rapman (also known as Andrew Onwubolu), follows loved-up couple Michael (Tosin Cole) and Dionne (Adelayo Adedayo), whose lives are thrown into chaos when the former obtains the ability to travel across time.

Supacell Review

Michael’s situation worsens when he discovers that his fiancé is bound to die prematurely unless he can find four other people with superpowers and unite them against an unknown menace.

The Organisation is a military-style outfit based at the Ashington Estate. Hidden in plain sight, the region appears decrepit and filled with gangs, drug dealers, and sex workers, allowing them to operate underground without being discovered. In reality, the crew, lead by Ray (Eddie Marsan) and Victoria (Siân Brooke), is investigating Supacell, a sickle cell gene mutation that grants people superhuman abilities. The powers are activated by dangerous conditions or being in close contact to those who have powers.

Jasmine, who possesses the ability to heal, has been imprisoned in their headquarters because she is useful to The Organisation, forcing her to use her skills to heal their warriors.

The woman killed at the start of episode one was Tazer’s mother, and her son had spent years believing she had just abandoned him. Soon, they have André (Eric Kofi Abrefa), who is incredibly powerful and the fifth person Michael requires to save Dionne, and enlist him as one of the hoodies, offering him money to bring in the rest. Ray informs André that they are hazardous and must be brought in to regulate their talents so that they do not pose a harm to others.

At the opening of episode 6, time-jumping Michael (Tosin Cole) is still on a journey to save his fiancée Dionne (Adelayo Adedayo), fearing that her death on July 9th will signal the beginning of the end of the world.

Three of the four individuals he needs are now with him: super-fast drug dealer Rodney (Calvin Demba), super-strong Sabrina (Nadine Mills), and gang thug Tazer (Josh Tedeku), who has primarily utilised his invisibility to stab people up to this point. This is especially useful when the strange wormhole-jumping hoodie-wearing enforcers looking for them manage to corner them on the estate.

Although Michael manages to get the group out of there safely, it is evident that time is running out and they must find answers immediately. Meanwhile, Dionne is on her own investigative quest, wanting answers concerning Michael’s apparent new talents, and why it appears to be linked to missing children in the area.

While searching for a missing girl named Jasmine, Dionne realises she may have had powers as well, which is why she went gone.

When they reveal this information to their parents, they confirm her suspicions but are hesitant to contact the police since, well, who would trust somebody who stated that?. Instead, Jasmine’s father asks Dionne to safely return his daughter from Ashington Estate, where he has pinned her after tracing a tracker he had placed in her school bag.

Meanwhile, our four major supacell-ers are devising a strategy, unclear why André did not show up for their scheduled meeting, but Tazer and Sabrina quickly argue over the necessity to locate gang boss Krazy.

At one point, Tazer’s brother figure, kingpin Krazy, threatens to kill the youngster’s grandmother unless he meets him in A-Town, also known as Ashington Estate. Sabrina wants to find Krazy because he is dating her sister, Sharleen, and she fears he is holding her captive.

Michael goes there as well when he overhears Dionne being harassed over the phone – and is astonished to learn she’s conducting all this research in the hopes of regaining his trust, believing his newfound authority has left him “bored” with her. After hiding her fate for so long, Michael finally tells Dionne the truth: he’s doing everything he can to keep her alive.

As night sets on Ashington Estate, the group confronts Krazy as Dionne waits in the car. Emotions quickly rise, and as the hoodies descend to get them, Krazy reveals himself to be a supacell-er, capable of absorbing and using the powers of others.

An extraordinarily horrific fight unfolds amongst all those in authority, with several individuals dying as a result. André, on his first day as a hoody, defected to our four heroes after discovering how corrupt Krazy has gotten with his powers.

As the fight reaches its climax, it seems our gang has the upper hand on Krazy – but one quick error of judgement ends up with all of our heroes dead at the thug’s hand.

Using the last of his energy, Michael turns back time and saves them all, stabbing Krazy to the point they believe he’s dead. But his saviour moment comes at a cost – and Krazy manages to shoot his gun once… straight through the windshield of the car Dionne’s in. And with his energy supply low, he can’t rewind time.

Michael, devastated by Dionne’s death, disappears – until he arranges a meeting with everyone at Onyx nightclub. Once there, we learn that Spud, Rodney’s best friend who was left battling for his life after a beating by Krazy, has recovered, but Sharleen is still missing, André’s kid AJ is being groomed to be a gang member, and Tazer wants to know who killed his mother.

Michael informs the group that he is going to the future to find answers and that he intends to hold everyone who has mistreated them accountable.

Meanwhile, Krazy has been discovered and rehabilitated at The Organisation, only for Victoria to murder him for failing to apprehend Michael and his gang. As they walk away, she informs Ray that he too let her down. And now they’ll do things her way as we wait for season 2 news.

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