Xdefiant Season 1 Release Date

On May 21, 2024, XDefiant began its Preseason, allowing users to immerse themselves in the game’s fast-paced, arena-style shooting gameplay. This free-to-play shooter has already seen a number of minor updates, including the addition of the Team Deathmatch game option, improvements to weapon progression, and a much-needed nerf to Sniper Rifles. However, Season 1 brings the first major content drop for XDefiant, much to the delight of many players.

Season 1 of XDefiant will begin on July 2 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. This will mark the end of XDefiant’s Preseason, giving players a limited time to redeem their Preseason Battle Pass goodies. On July 1, Ubisoft’s official YouTube channel will air an episode of XDebrief that will provide an in-depth look at all of the available Season 1 content.

Season 1 will see the introduction of new content for XDefiant. The first and most notable feature is the premiere of Rainbow Six Seige’s GSK Faction, which includes a list of Faction Abilities and three playable characters. The Season 1 Battle Pass will also premiere, offering a variety of cosmetic prizes to both free and premium Battle Pass customers. In addition to new awards, this season’s update will include three new weapons: the L115 Sniper Rifle, the Sawed-Off Shotgun, and the LVOA-C Assault Rifle.

But that is not all. Players may also expect a new map every month that Season 1 is active. Ubisoft revealed three maps: Clubhouse, Rockefeller, and Daytona from Rainbow Six Siege. Season 1 will also feature Capture the Flag, giving players another objective-based game option to explore. Finally, the final enhancements to XDefiant Season 1 include the full launch of Ranked Play, which includes new Ranked Progression and awards, as well as extra Weapon Mastery Skins for players to grind for.


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