Who plays Ares in Percy Jackson Show

Adam Copeland plays Ares in Percy Jackson Show. Ares, one of the Twelve Olympians, is the God of War, and he is technically Percy Jackson’s considerably elder cousin in the novel, having been born to Zeus and Hera.

He has a strong affinity for violence and battle, having overseen hostilities throughout history, and he certainly has no qualms about attacking Percy and the other demigods if necessary. He believes a conflict amongst the gods is unavoidable since they are all a dysfunctional family, and he adores them for it.

However, his relationship with the other gods can be erratic. He and Aphrodite were lovers, which plays a significant role in Episode 5, and he harbours hatred against Athena, which might be seen as sibling rivalry.

He has demigod children, as do many other gods. However, he expresses his dislike for youngsters, owing to their innocence. This even applies to his own children, whom he confesses he likes significantly more than other kids. Given his apparent lack of parental care, it’s easy to understand why his children, particularly Clarisse, the Camp Half Blood bully who battled Percy in Episode 2, behave the way they do.

Ares makes his initial appearance in Episode 5, and Copeland (who plays Ares) “manages to be both threatening and brutishly funny, making him a great obstacle for a show like Percy Jackson.” The moments between him and Grover are especially entertaining, as Grover manipulates Ares’ arrogant desire to outwit Athena in order to obtain information from him regarding who might have stolen the lightning bolt.

Adam Copeland as Ares in Percy Jackson

Adam Copeland is well-known for his role as Edge in WWE, and he, like other fighters such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dave Bautista, has since pursued a career in acting. Prior to Percy Jackson, he appeared in the 2017 television series Vikings.


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