The Five Juanas How Many Episodes

The Five Juanas (La Venganza de las Juanas) 2021 TV Series has a total of 18 Episodes.

1. Aftershocks

At a hotel in Cancun, five women from different walks of life discover they share the same birthmark and the same name: Juana.

2. 98%

The Juanas take a DNA test to discover if they are related. Manny receives an unexpected visitor. Federico and Valentina meet again.

3. Secrets Never Die

Valentina investigates a lead that connects the Juanas’s mothers. Manny and Federico plan a surprise for their moms. Bautista digs into her past.

4. Plan B

A surge of new feelings makes Caridad question her calling to be a nun. Matilde rushes into a decision with Pocho. Manny plans a meeting with Simón.

5. 30 Days

Simón’s candidacy for Justice Minister is announced. Caridad becomes suspicious of her mother’s treatment. Bautista moves in with Valentina.

6. Federico

Caridad has an eventful night outside the convent. After Manny reveals a secret about their origins to the Juanas, Valentina must face a painful truth.

7. Nightmares

The Juanas start planning an elaborate vendetta, and decide to integrate Susana into their scheme. Simón has nightmares about his past.

8. The Perfect Man

Simón questions Susana’s story about Manny. Federico demands an explanation from Valentina. Matilde’s relationship with Pocho hits a breaking point.

9. Another Daughter

Caridad gets her mom out of the hospital. Valentina makes a bold move at Simon’s speech, and the Juanas torment him with memories of his crimes.

10. Too Late

Daniel comes clean with Matilde. As the truth about Simón reaches more people, his world starts falling apart only days before his appointment.

11. The Gift

The Juanas are divided on whether to accept Rogelio’s gift, until they are forced to make a choice. Ignacio becomes suspicious of his brother’s death.

12. Just Siblings

A tragedy leaves Caridad heartbroken. Bautista focuses on unraveling a vision about Alice. The Juanas attend the inauguration of Federico’s company.

13. Subtleties

Lorenzo discovers something about Andrade. Valentina’s search for Ana takes an unexpected turn. Manny asks Rogelio for money to start a business.

14. A Dangerous Man

After manipulating Valentina into going to the police, Rogelio causes a rift between the Juanas. Bautista discovers the truth about Rogelio’s ring.

15. Too Late

Lorenzo helps Jordi decipher a cryptic message he received from Ana. Bautista tries to warn her sisters about Rogelio’s real intentions.

16. The Package

Bautista finds herself in a critical situation. Matilde continues to work with the music producer in secret. Valentina sets up a meeting with Federico.

17. The Bonfire

Bautista teams up with Ana to escape. Ignacio learns an explosive truth. To finish them off, Rogelio exposes some of the Juanas deepest secrets.

18. Las Juanas

The Juanas join forces with other family members and friends to crack Rogelio’s revenge puzzle. But will it be too late?

The Five Juanas how many episodes are there?

There are a total of 18 Episodes in the 2021 Netflix Series The Five Juanas (La Venganza de las Juanas)


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