Why did Michael go to jail in Your Honor?

Bryan Cranston’s Michael Desiato begins Your Honour Season 2 imprisoned as he deals with his son’s murder at the end of Season 1.

In Season 2, Episode 1, Michael is imprisoned for collaborating with Michael Stuhlbarg’s Jimmy Baxter, a big mob boss, to rig the murder trial for Jimi Stanton’s Carlo Baxter.

Cranston plays Michael, a well-known and respected judge in New Orleans, Louisiana, whose son kills another adolescent in a car accident before Michael convinces him to give himself in.

That youth turns out to be the son of a powerful criminal lord, forcing Michael to make a difficult decision between saving his kid from jail and upholding the law as his work requires.

Season 1 concludes tragically with the loss of Michael’s son, putting that issue on hold, but things only worsen from there after discovering the inner workings of a large criminal enterprise.

He is later contacted by U.S. Attorney Olivia Delmont (Rosie Perez), who wants his help in bringing down the Baxters for good. Despite Michael’s desire to die in peace following such a tragic loss, Delmont frees him in exchange for his assistance with the investigation.

At the end of the season, Michael admits to covering up his son’s role in the death of another teenager in Season 1, resulting in a new prison sentence.

However, this time he goes to jail willingly because he feels relieved and satisfied after freely admitting his guilt.


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