Poor Things Release Date on Netflix

“Poor Things” was released in restricted quantities on December 8 before becoming widely available on December 22. The film won a Golden Globe for best musical or comedy, and Stone received one for best performance by a female actor in a musical or comedy picture.

“Poor Things” will soon be available for streaming on Hulu. It is also expected to be available for purchase or rental through outlets such as Amazon and Vudu.

Based on Alasdair Gray’s novel of the same name, “Poor Things” follows Bella as she struggles with her sense of humanity, womanhood, and motherhood in her new Frankenstein-like body. She also meets other men who assist her on her voyage of self-discovery.

In Stone’s words, the film concludes with “the birth of Bella.” Stone stated that she and the assistant director were working on the final shot of the film when the “La La Land” actor got overcome with melancholy.

“Oh my God, this is so sad,” she expressed. “After such a delightful experience, the film comes to a close. And (the assistant director) answered, “No, this is the birth of Bella.” I was like, “It’s Bella’s birth!” Because Victoria’s departure marks the birth of Bella. It’s great to end on that.”


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