Parental Guidance Channel 9 Cast

Ally Langdon and parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson put ten brave sets of parents to the ultimate test in search of the best parenting style. Parental Guidance starts Monday, November 1 2021 @7.30 pm on Channel9 and 9Now.


Ally Langdon

Allison Langdon is an Australian television presenter, reporter, journalist, news presenter and author. Allison Langdon was born on 20 May 1979 in Wollongong, Australia.

Age42 years
SpouseMichael Willesee Jr.

Dr Justin Coulson

Dr Justin Coulson is a parenting author and speaker.


Ten Parents

Andrew and Miriam from NSW (Strict)

Penny and Daniel from NSW (Free range)

Rob and Sioux from SA (Disciplined)

Liadhan and Richard from SA (Nature)

Rachel and Sam from QLD (Helicopter)

Lara and Andrew from VIC (Attachment)

Kevin and Debbie from NSW (Tiger)

Deb from QLD (Home school)

Yann and Donna from NSW (French)

Brett and Tony from VIC (Routine)

Parental Guidance Channel 9 Trailer

Parental Guidance Channel 9 How Many Episodes

EpisodeRelease Date
11 November
22 November
33 November
48 November
59 November
610 November
715 November
816 November
917 November


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