Cast of FBI Most Wanted

FBI: Most Wanted, created by René Balcer and produced by Wolf Entertainment is an American crime drama television series. The first season of the series FBI: Most Wanted premiered on January 7, 2020, second season premiered on November 17, 2020 and third season premiered on September 21, 2021.

Julian McMahon as Special Agent Jess LaCroix

Julian Dana William McMahon is an Australian-American actor, born on 27 July 1968 in Sydney, Australia.

Age53 years
Height1.88 m
SpouseKelly Paniagua
Net Worth$16 million

Roxy Sternberg as Special Agent Sheryll Barnes

Roxy Sternberg is an actress, born on 20 April 1989.

Age32 years
NationalityBritish, Ugandan
Height1.70 m
Net Worth$1 million

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Special Agent Hana Gibson

Keisha Castle-Hughes is a New Zealand actress, born on 24 March 1990 in Donnybrook, Australia.

Age31 years
SpouseJonathan Morrison
Net Worth$3 million

Miguel Gomez as Special Agent Ivan Ortiz

Miguel Gomez is a Colombian-American actor and rapper, born on 20 August 1985 in Cali, Colombia.

Age36 years
Net Worth$1 million

Alexa Davalos as Special Agent Kristin Gaines

Alexa Davalos Dunas is an American actress, born on 28 May 1982 in Paris, France.

Age39 years
Height1.7 m
SpouseJosh Stewart
Net Worth$4 million


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