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Alexis Arroyo, a blind comic, takes front stage in Netflix’s funny programme Nothing to See Here, combining his actual life tales with a character with the same name. This comedy is not only about one person’s journey, but also about a group of Mexico’s greatest stand-up comedians, all of them are attempting to realise their aspirations in a society that does not always value difference.

The comedy is all about wit and humour, and it isn’t hesitant to question political correctness. It makes you consider the ups and downs of ambition in a world that doesn’t always value uniqueness. Nothing to See Here employs comedy to depict a different side of life.

Alexis Arroyo as Alexis

Alexis Arroyo plays Alexis, a young blind man who decides to leave his parents and relocate to Mexico City to pursue his ambition of being a great comedian. Although he will face many challenges along the journey, he will also meet people who are eager to assist him.

Kike Vázquez as Charly

Kike Vázquez, a psychologist, family therapist, campaigner for the rights of persons with disabilities and functional diversity, and comedian who was born with cerebral palsy that hindered his motor development, plays Charly, Alexis’ best buddy who joins him on your new journey.

Paola Fernández as Azul

Paola Fernández, who has been in “El Rastro de los 5”, “Sr Blanc,” and “Albertano contra los mostros,” plays Azul, a young woman who assists Alexis after he has an accident and becomes a part of the protagonist’s life from that point on.

Alejandro Calva

Alejandro Calva, who has been in films such as “Friends and Rivals,” “Muchachitas Como T,” “Un Hook to the Heart,” “When I Fall in Love,” “La Reina del Sur,” “Lynch,” “Manos Libres,” and “Seora Acero,” also appears in the new Mexican Netflix series. He is the father of Alexis.

Memo Villegas

Memo Villegas, best known for his roles in “The Great Seduction,” “Harina,” “Nothing to See,” “Backdoor,” and “El Ultimo Vagón,” is now a member of the cast of “Ojitos de Egg,” a show created by Santiago Lemon and Big Drama.

Veronica Merchant

Verónica Merchant is a Mexican actress who has been in other shows such as “The Revenge of the Juanas”, “Mujer de Nadie”, and “Atrapada”. She plays Alexis’ mother, Lolis López, and while she protects him, she has always wanted she could face life alone.

Begoña Narváez

Begoa Narváez is another Mexican actress that has been in soap operas such as “Diario de un gigoló”, “Rosario Tijeras”, “Blind date”, and “La fan”.

Teté Espinoza

Teté Espinoza has also been in other shows such as “Tijuana,” in which she portrayed Mal; “Falco,” in which she played Carla Vega; “Narcos: Mexico,” and “El Chapo.”


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