Unveiling the Stellar Cast of Netflix’s Mystery Series ‘Nowhere’

Nowhere, a 2023 Netflix film starring Anna Castillo, Tamar Novas and Tony Corvillo. Nothing revolves around a pregnant woman who flees Spain for Ireland. Mia finds refuge in a shipping container after being separated from her loving spouse amid a political crisis. The story follows the main character as she strives to survive an ocean voyage with her newborn child. Here is a list of every actor and character in Nowhere.

Anna Castillo as Mia

Anna Castillo

Anna Castillo Ferré is a 29 years old Spanish actress. She plays the role of a pregnant lady in the Netflix film Nowhere. She is fleeing a political dictatorship in Spain. Mia seeks to reach Ireland in a cargo container while carrying her newborn kid.

Tamar Novas as Nico

Tamar Novas

Tamar Novas Pita is a 37 year old Spanish actor. He plays the character of Mia’s husband. He is a caring man who works hard to provide for his wife and child. During a political crisis, Nico is shot on a ship.

Tony Corvillo as Gil

Tony Corvillo

Tony Corvillo is a Spanish actor.

Other Cast

  • Mariam Torres as Lucía
  • Irina Bravo as Ángela
  • Victoria Teijeiro as Vicky
  • Lucía Soria as Adolescente
  • Mary Ruiz as Sandra
  • Edu Bulnes as Andrés
  • Antonio Buíl as Conductor Camión
  • Saïd El Mouden as Traficante Líder
  • Kaabil Sekali as Traficante


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