How does Jace die in House of the Dragon

With Lord Corlys Velaryon’s blockade of the Gullet, the House of the Dragon has already planted the seeds of Jacaerys Velaryon’s death. The Gullet is a body of water that connects Driftmark and the Crownlands, and the blockade impedes many of King’s Landing’s marine commerce routes. This finally leads to the naval battle of the Gullet, which I both excitedly anticipate and dread. On the one hand, I’m excited to see a full-fledged naval combat including dragons, but nothing can prepare me for Jace’s death.

Jace joins many other dragonriders on Rhaenyra’s side at the Battle of the Gullet, where they fight the Triarchy’s fleet in an attempt to raise Lord Corlys’ blockade. Otto Hightower seeks the Triarchy’s assistance before being removed as Hand of the King in Fire & Blood, leveraging their animosity towards Daemon from season 1 to get them to join the Greens. The Greens do not send any dragonriders to this combat, but Jace is shot down by Triarchy navy crossbow bolts because he flies too low and inside their range.

Given the pacing of House of the Dragon, the Battle of Rook’s Rest is set to take place in Season 2. We haven’t seen any video of the Battle of the Gullet in any trailers, thus it appears that it will be postponed until season 3. It has been clearly established by mentions of the Gullet blockade, and there is still a lot of land to cover in season 3, thus it will most likely occur early in the season.

House of the Dragon has a history of making tiny changes to fight sequences and character deaths, so it’s unknown how similar Jace’s downfall will be in the TV series to the book. Regardless, in his limited appearances, Harry Collett has done an excellent job of making Rhaenyra’s eldest son a compelling character. We are looking forward to his demise more than any other in the show, which demonstrates how House of the Dragon has improved its character ensemble when compared to their book counterparts.

Who plays Jace in House of the Dragon?

Harry Collett plays Jace in House of the Dragon. Harry is 20 years old.

Harry Collett is a British actor known for his work in film and television. He gained recognition for his roles in various projects, including the film “Dunkirk” and the TV series “Casualty.” Collett has also appeared in the “Dolittle” movie alongside Robert Downey Jr. and has been praised for his acting talent from a young age.


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