Crime Scene The Times Square Killer Episodes

In 1970s NYC, the “Torso Killer” preys on women to fulfill his grotesque fantasies while eluding police. A docuseries dive into crime’s darkest places.

Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer Episodes List

Episode 1: Murder on 42nd St.

Duration: 48 minutes

Synopsis: Bright lights, fear city: In Times Square, 1979, police stumble on a fiery “hotel room from hell” housing the bodies of two women.

Episode 2: The Perfect Hunting Ground

Duration: 48 minutes

Synopsis: After another grisly murder, officers talk to sex workers and examine their clients’ records. Meanwhile, eerily similar killings occur in New Jersey.

Episode 3: End of an Era

Duration: 51 minutes

Synopsis: Days after a woman’s harrowing escape, NJ police build a case. NYC officers connect the dots as trophies come to light. A daughter looks for closure.


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