Who Plays the Necromancer in Legacies

The role of Necromancer is played by Australian actor Ben Geurens.

Ben Geurens

Ben Geurens is a director, producer and actor.

Ben Geurens as Necromancer can be seen on Legacies, which airs every Thursday at 9 PM on CW.

Ben Geurens as Necromancer

What makes Ben Geurens gain fame among the audience of Legacies? His impressive acting or the reason that Ben Geurens looks much like Heath Ledger. The Legend Heath Ledger is one of the best known actor, famous for his role as Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

Ben Geurens Height

Ben Geurens is 180 cm tall. Ben Geurens weight is 75 Kg (or 165 pounds).

Ben Geurens Age

Ben Geurens – Australian actor is 41 years old. He was born on 24 December 1949.

Ben Geurens Wife

Kelly Lennon is wife of Ben Geurens. Though there is not much available about Ben and his wife Kelly, but it is known that they were dating each other before they got married. One of Ben’s Instagram posts with the Caption ‘I salute you Kelly Lennon’ which was taken at Canada’s Wonderland is shown below.

Ben Geurens Net Worth

Ben Geurens net worth is approximately $2 – $5 Million.

Ben Geurens Heath Ledger

Fans of Ben Geurens and Heath Ledger are eagerly Googling to find out if Ben Geurens looks like Heath Ledger. Well the answer to this is upon one’s own views.

(Left) Late Heath Ledger (Right) Ben Geurens

Ben Geurens Movies and TV shows


Body Melt

Two Nights

Monkey Puzzle

A Short Film by Shauna Lee

Dick’s Clinic

That’s not Me

Enter the Wild

TV Shows


Snowy River: The McGregor Saga

Blue Heelers

Home and Away

The Jesters

MCLeod’s Daughters

All Saints

Packed to the Rafters

City Homicide

Australia on Trial

Paper Giants: Magazine Wars

Mr and Mrs Murder

Winners & Losers



Bringing Our Stories Home

The Good Place



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