The Waltons Homecoming Cast | The Waltons Homecoming 2021 Cast

The new upcoming movie “The Walton’s Homecoming” is a remake of the movie titled “The Homecoming a Christmas Story”.

Richard Thomas as Narrator

Richard Thomas took Earl Hamner’s place as the narrator in the remake of The Homecoming a Christmas Story. Richard Earl Thomas is an American actor. Richard Thomas was born on 13 June 1951 in Manhattan, New York, United States.

Age70 years
Height1.74 m
SpouseGeorgiana Bischoff

Bellamy Young as Olivia Walton

Bellamy Young is an American actress and singer, born on 19 February 1970 in Asheville, North Carolina, United States.

Age51 years
Height1.7 m

Marcelle LeBlanc as Mary Ellen Walton

Marcelle LeBlanc is an American Actress. Marcelle LeBlanc was born on 19 March 2003. Marcelle LeBlanc was named Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2022 on 2nd August 2021.

Age18 years

Ben Lawson as John Walton Sr.

Alpha Trivette as Grandpa Walton

Rebecca Koon as Grandma Walton

Callaway Corrick as Elizabeth Walton

Michael Kendall Kaplan as Toby Walton

Samuel Goergen as Jim Bob Walton

Tatum Matthews as Erin Walton

Logan Shroyer as John Boy

Adam Boyer as Charlie Sneed

Charles Green as Ike Godsey

Keith Arthur Bolden as Reverend Dooly

Marilyn McCoo as Sister Harriet

Jacinte Blankenship as Rose Dooly

Arianna Rosario as Maggie Sikes

The Waltons Homecoming 2021 Release Date

The Waltons Homecoming airs on 28 November 2021 @7pm CST on the CW network.

The Waltons’ Homecoming Trailer

Where can I watch The Waltons Homecoming?

The Waltons’ Homecoming airs Sunday 28 November 2021 on The CW Network.


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