The Outlaws Netflix Cast | The Outlaws Movie Netflix Cast

Outlaws (IMDb title – The Laws of the Border), original title – Las leyes de la frontera is a Spanish movie. What started as a crush leads a bullied teenager to a new group of friends and a summer of burglaries, heists, love and more in 1978 Girona. Click on the given link to watch Outlaws (Las leyes de la Frontera) on Netflix —>>> Outlaws

Marcos Ruiz as Nacho

Begoña Vargas as Tere

Chechu Salgado as Zarco

Santiago Molero as Ignacio

Carlos Serrano as Cuenca

Jorge Aparicio as Chino

Xavi Sáez as Hidalgo

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Carlos Oviedo as Guille

Xavier Martín as Gordo

Daniel Ibáñez as Piernas

Víctor Manuel Pajares as Drácula

Cintia García as Lina


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