Tentacles Hulu Cast

Into the Dark Season 2 Episode 11 ‘Tentacles‘ premiered on Hulu on 12 February 2021. Tara and Sam begin a new chapter in their lives after moving from Los Angeles, moving together until their relationship takes a terrifying turn.

Main Cast

Dana Drori as Tara

Dana Drori is an actress.

Age33 years

Casey Deidrick as Sam Anselm

Casey Jon Deidrick is an American actor and singer.

Age34 years
Height1.95 m

Evan Williams as Grant

Evan Martin Williams is a Canadian actor and musician.

Age37 years

Kasey Elise as Esther

Kasey Elise is an actress and director.

Other Cast

Johnny Ramey as MB

Cathy Vu as Agent

Vito D’Ambrosio as Motorist

Harry Katzman as Assistant

David L. King as Doctor

Elisabeth P. Carpenter as Intruder (as Elisabeth Carpenter)

Dan Aid as Theo

Larry Fields as Strange Man (as Larry Fields III)

Aaron Groben as Engagement Man

Tentacles Hulu Trailer



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