Letterkenny Season 10 Cast | Letterkenny Cast

Jared Keeso as Wayne

Jared Keeso is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, and producer. Jared Keeso was born on 1 July 1984 in Listowel, Canada.

Age37 years
SpouseMagali Brunelle ​

Nathan Dales as Daryl

Nathan Dales is a Canadian actor from Calgary, Alberta. Nathan Dales was born in Calgary, Canada.

Age35 years

Michelle Mylett as Katy

Robyn Michelle Mylett, known professionally as Michelle Mylett, is a Canadian actress. Michelle Mylett was born on 4 January 1989 in Vancouver, Canada.

Age32 years

K. Trevor Wilson as Squirrelly Dan

Trevor K. Wilson, known professionally as K. Trevor Wilson, is a Canadian comedian, writer and actor. K. Trevor Wilson was born on 9 March 1981 in Toronto, Canada.

Age40 years

Dylan Playfair as Reilly

Dylan Playfair is a Canadian actor. Dylan Playfair was born on 19 June 1992 in Fort St. James, Canada.

Age29 years

Andrew Herr as Jonesy

Andrew Herr is an actor. Andrew Herr was born on 25 May 1991 in London.

Age30 years

Tyler Johnston as Stewart

Tyler Johnston is a Canadian actor. Tyler Johnston was born on 14 June 1987 in New Westminster, Canada.

Age34 years


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