Park Hae Soo Squid Game With Glasses

Park Hae-Soo, South Korean actor portrayed Cho Sang-Woo (Player 218) in 2021 Korean Drama Series Squid Game (Round Six). Park Hae-soo is 39 years old.

To view all the images of Sang-woo in glasses, please click on the link given below. All the images are uploaded to Album ‘Sang-woo in Glasses’ in Squid Game Facebook Group. Please join the group.

Park Hae-soo With GlassesAlbum Link

Sang-woo, Player 218 and childhood friend of Gi-hun, who is smart and intelligent. Because of Sang-woo’s intelligence, we saw his team winning the game Tug of War.

But, in episode 4, when Sang-woo betrayed Ali in the game of Marbles. The death of Ali because of Sang-woo’s betrayal made us hate Sang-woo.

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