What are the Six games in Squid Game

The six games in Squid Game (Round Six) are:

1. Red Light, Green Light

Episode 1: Red Light, Green Light. First game among the six games, we see players playing the first game in Episode 1. Red Light, Green Light, a game with simple rules, you have to reach the other side and you can move only when the doll sings. When the doll turns and if any player is caught moving, the doll senses it and the player is eliminated, which means the player is killed. In the first episode in Red Light, Green Light game, we see Ali (Player 199) who saved Gi-hun.

2. Sugar Honey Combs

Second game – Sugar Honey Combs, is played in Episode 3: The Man with the Umbrella. Four different shapes a circle, a triangle, a square and an umbrella man is made on sugar comb and players have to carve out the shape without breaking it.

3. Tug Of War

Third game – Tug of War, we see in Episode 4: Stick to the Team. Two team of 10 members will compete. 10 players – Gi-hun (456), Ali (199), Sae Byeok (067), Sang Woo (218), Oh Il Nam (001), Ji Yeong (240), Han Mi Nyeo (212), Player 276, Player 196 and Player 244, a team with an old man, three women players, which seemed like a weak team wins the game using Old Man (Player 001) strategy and Sang-woo (218) intelligence.

4. Marbles

Fourth game – Marbles, played in Episode 6: Gganbu. Almost all of us cried watching Episode 6. We lost our favorite characters Ali (Player 199), Ji Yeong (Player 240) and Oh Il Nam (001). Ji Yeong (Player 240) chose to sacrifice her life for Sae Byeok (Player 067), while Sang-woo (Player 218) betrayed Ali (Player 199). Also, we see the friendship of Gi-hun (Player 456) and Oh Il-nam (Player 001), who willingly gave his marbles to Gi-hun and said that they are Gganbu and Gganbu shares everything.

5. Glass Stepping Stones

Fifth game – Glass Stepping Stones is played in Episode 7: VIPS. Only 16 players out of 456 players were left before the beginning of fifth game. Gi-hun (Player 456), Sang-woo (Player 218) and Kang Sae-byeok (Player 067) won fifth game and qualified for sixth game.

But, Sae-byeok was killed in Episode 8: Front Man by Sang-woo. Sae-byeok was already injured and had lost a lot of blood. Taking the advantage of the situation, Sang-woo killed Sae-byeok. Now only Sang-woo and Gi-hun, two players were left for final and sixth round Squid Game.

6. Squid Game

Sixth game – Squid Game, was played in Episode 9: One Lucky Day. The game was tough between Sang-woo and Gi-hun. Gi-hun was angry on Sang-woo for killing Sae-byeok and in his anger, he almost killed Sang-woo, but he was not that kind of man, as Sae-byeok said. Gi-hun wanted to leave the game and return home with his friend Sang-woo so he asked Sang-woo to vote not to play. But Sang-woo killed himself as the rule of sixth game stated that if one player is not a condition to play, the other one stands win. Gi-hun wone

Rules and Instruction of Six Games

First Game: Red Light, Green Light.

Rules: Players are allowed to move forward when the “Doll” shouts out, “Green Light,” stop when “Doll” shouts, “Red Light.” If a players movement is detected afterward, the player will be eliminated. Those players who cross the finish line without being eliminated within the five-minute playtime will pass this round.

After first game, 255 players were eliminated, only 201 players qualified, but then players voted to terminate the game, according to Clause 3. But, the players found that life outside is hell and they decided to participate in the game. Out of 201, 187 returned. The re-entrance rate being 93 percent, the Front Man asked to keep track on the Players who did not return.


Instruction: Players were asked to choose a shape (Triangle, Circle, Star and Umbrella Man) and stand in front of it immediately. All players were then asked to take one case each from the table at the front of their line. Then the players were asked to take a moment to open the case and check the contents. The shape players had chosen is the shape they must remove from the honeycomb. The time limit is ten minutes. Players will pass if they trim out the shape without breaking or cracking the shape within the time limit. The time limit is ten minutes.

Third Game: Tug-of-War

Instructions: For this game, the players will play in teams. All players, must divide themselves into teams of ten people. The time limit to make team is ten minutes. In order to win, a team you must pull the rope towards their platform in an attempt to drop their opponents down below.

Fourth Game: Marbles

Instructions: For this game, players will be playing in teams of two. Players were asked to look around and find someone they wish to play with. When two people agree to play together, they must shake hands to show they have become partners. There can only be two players per team. Players were given ten minutes to find their partner. After choosing partners, players were asked take one bag each from the staff member before the players. There should be a set of ten marbles in each bag.

Rule: In this game, using the set of ten marbles, players will play the game of their choice with their partner. The player who manages to take all ten marbles from their partner wins. Players were given 30 minutes for this game.

Fifth Game: Glass Stepping Stones

Instructions: Before we begin, please make your way down the steps and choose one of the mannequins that you see presented before you. Once you’ve chosen, take the corresponding vest. They are numbered 1 through 16.

Rules: The stepping stones before you are made from one of two types of glass, one tempered glass and the other normal glass. The tempered glass stepping stone is strong enough to hold the weight of two people. However, the normal glass will break even if just one person steps on it. For this game, players must guess which one of next two tiles is the tile made of the stronger tempered glass, and only step on those across the 18 pairs of tile. Players may then cross over to the other side safely and pass this game. For this game, players will have 16 minutes. Players must cross the bridge within given time or they will be eliminated.

Sixth Game: Squid Game

Player 218 and Player 456 will play sixth game. Before the beginning of the game, a coin was flipped to decide who plays offense or defense. Please choose a shape. Triangle or square. Player 456 will play offense. Player 218 will defend.


1. The attacker must enter the squid shape court, run past the defense, and then tap the area inside the squid’s head with his foot to secure the win.

2. The defender must block the attacker’s advance and force them outside of the court’s bounds in order to win.

3. If a situation arises, in which either player is unable to continue playing the game, the last one standing will be the winner. A player’s unable to continue (That would be referring to the player’s death).






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