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Lock and Key Netflix Cast

Locke & Key is an American fantasy horror drama television series starring Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott, Laysla De Oliveira, Petrice Jones, and Griffin Gluck. Lock and Key Season 1 premiered on Netflix on 7 February 7, 2020.

Darby Stanchfield as Nina Locke

Darby Leigh Stanchfield is an American actress.

Age51 years
Height1.7 m
SpouseJoseph Mark Gallegos

Connor Jessup as Tyler Locke

Connor William Jessup is a Canadian actor, writer, and director.

Age28 years
Height1.8 m

Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke

Emilia Annis I. Jones is an English actress.

Age20 years
Height1.68 m

Jackson Robert Scott as Bode Locke

Jackson Robert Scott is an American child actor.

Age13 years

Laysla De Oliveira as Dodge

Laysla De Oliveira is a Canadian actress.

Age30 years
PartnerJonathan Keltz

Other Cast

Petrice Jones as Scot Cavendish

Hallea Jones as Eden Hawkins

Aaron Ashmore as Duncan Locke

Griffin Gluck as Gabe

Sherri Saum as Ellie Whedon

Brendan Hines as Josh Bennett

Coby Bird as Rufus Whedon

Jesse Camacho as Doug Brazelle

Genevieve Kang as Jackie Veda

Asha Bromfield as Zadie Wells

Leishe Meyboom as Abby

Kevin Durand as Frederick Gideon

Kevin Alves as Javi



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