Jessica Alba Ethnicity

Jessica Alba spoke about her Mexican roots, revealing some of her parents’ challenges. “I was raised by parents who were in survival mode because we were living paycheck to paycheck,” she stated in a recent interview with MSNBC.

The Hollywood actress admitted that it was “very stressful and challenging” at the time, and that it was difficult for them to have “long-term goals or dreams when you are just trying to get by.”

The actress, who has many resemblance to her grandmother Isabel Martinez, recently told PopSugar that she “inherited a lot” from her. “She outperformed what was expected of women of her generation. She completed her GED, started a business, supported the family while her husband attended school, and raised generations of family in their house. She is my symbol of resourcefulness, determination, and drive. Basically, she is the ultimate boss.”

Jessica told MSNBC that her family was able to survive through integration after living in a “segregated and racially divided California.” The businesswoman went on to say that “understanding a little bit of the history helps you jump off,” which eventually helped her “understand” her family dynamic.

The actress was also asked about her successful film career and how she first became interested in performing. “I was really sick as a kid,” she explained. “I was always a bit of an unusual person within my family dynamics. I didn’t feel like I fit in among them, so entertainment and acting became the only places where I felt seen and heard.”


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