Are Nigel and Christine Still Together

Christine and Nigel are the victorious couple of Perfect Match Season 2, having won Netflix’s dating competition with a single vote. As a prize, the “Too Hot to Handle” actors were given an all-expenses-paid vacation to strengthen their love.

The last minutes of Season 2 reveal that Christine and Nigel travelled to Thailand four months after filming concluded.

Although Christine and Nigel were voted the winners of Perfect Match Season 2, People has confirmed that the couple is no longer together.

“Nigel is my guy, and he understands me. “We vibe so well together,” Christine said on their trip to Thailand. “I am so excited to finally have the man that I’ve manifested all my life.” It is unknown what happened between the former couple and why they ended their relationship.

Here’s a brief how they started……

The “Too Hot to Handle” performers, who appeared in Seasons Four and Five, expressed their feelings for each other in Episode Nine and kissed.

They stated that they had previously met on a night out in New York City, but nothing came of it. Despite their mutual interest and previous flirtation, Christine sought Kaz Bishop (“Dated and Related”), while Nigel left the resort.

In the finale, airing on June 21, Chris Hahn (“Dated and Related”) and Tolú Ekundare become the final power couple, sending Christine and Nigel on a date. It goes well, but Christine remains interested in Kaz, who resumes his romance with Micah Lussier (“Love Is Blind” Season Three). When Nigel consoles Christine and communicates his emotions, they match.

Christine and Nigel’s final date in the finale is something many Bachelor Nation viewers will recognise. They cover each other in paint and roll around on a massive canvas. Nigel admits that he is worried about the date because he has no idea what to anticipate.

Christine discusses her dating history after she completes the messy activity. She says she’s been single for ten years and is ready for a relationship. Even though they’ve only been together for a short period, she believes Nigel is her ideal match.

He claims he doesn’t want their bond to dissolve after the show ends. He also admits to the cameras during his confessional interview that he can see a future with Christine outside of the house.

When it comes time to describe their relationship to the other couples and eliminated contestants, Christine emphasises their compatibility. She also stated that she has been interested in getting to know Nigel since their initial meeting in New York.

Nigel complements her sense of humour and says they feel like they’ve known one other forever.

Kaz argues Christine and Nigel aren’t a good match because he’s not a “alpha.”

Nigel responds by saying that he demonstrates his “alpha” status by “kindness and humbleness.”

After everyone has voted, Christine and Nigel are proclaimed as the unexpected winners of “Perfect Match” Season Two. They earn a pre-paid holiday as the most compatible couple.

The episode’s last seconds show the two travelling to Thailand after filming ended.

In vacation footage, Christine refers to Nigel as her “person” and claims they understand each other.

She also claims that she had “manifested him” her entire life.


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