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Is Max Leaving New Amsterdam | New Amsterdam Is Max Really Leaving

Ryan Eggold, the actor who plays the role of Dr. Max Goodwin in New Amsterdam is not leaving the show.

Considering about the Instagram post made few hours ago by the Official Instagram account of NBC New Amsterdam with the caption “It’s Max’s last day at #NewAmsterdam TONIGHT. Who else is freaking out a little bit? ✋” makes us wonder if Max is really leaving New Amsterdam show or is he just leaving New Amsterdam and moving to London with Helen.


After proper analysis and research, it is concluded that Max is leaving New Amsterdam to move to London and actually not leaving New Amsterdam show. Actor Ryan Eggold, who plays Dr. Max has not posted anything about leaving neither has he confirmed whether he is leaving the show.

We have seen Ryan Eggold posting every updates about the show on Instagram. If he is actually leaving, he must have posted something. But he has not done so, which clears the air about Max leaving New Amsterdam.

In New Amsterdam Season 4, Max and Helen are not much into each another, the bond between them is damaged now and Max will do whatever it takes to repair the damage. When Helen suggests Max that she plans to leave New Amsterdam to be a medical director in London, Max shows his willingness to follow her in London, to be with her. The plot made fans wonder that this might the time when Max and Helen will exit the show. But no way, its not about Max leaving the show.

Executive producer of New Amsterdam David Schulner said in an interview that “Max is going to London and there’s a lot to do before Max and Helen leaves. There’s a lot to put into place before they go. But they’re going.” The statement by Schulner made fans worry that he might be indicating about Max and Helen leaving the show. But it can be said that he indicated about a twist on the plot and may be they are going to move to London where the story will continue with Max and Helen together.

Moreover, the Instagram posts made by the actor Ryan Eggold who plays Dr. Max on the show, no ways indicated that he is leaving the show, although, his posts suggests that we are going to have more of Max and Helen’s love drama. Let’s go through some of the posts of Max (Ryan Eggold).



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