Yellowstone Season 4 Episodes List

Episode 1: Half the Money

Release Date: 7 November 2021

After being shot on a remote highway, John leaves a message in the dirt that the shooters are in a blue van, and is still breathing when Rip arrives. Kayce fights back his attackers and starts a police chase of the blue van, intercepting it and killing all the shooters during a violent firefight. John is rushed to a hospital by helicopter and is barely stable while in intensive care. Beth survives the bombing of her office building and she confronts Jamie about his apparent complicity in arranging the shooting and her desire to take revenge against him. Rip murders Roarke as an act of retaliation.

Episode 2: Phantom Pain

Release Date: 7 November 2021

John is eventually released from hospital though still shaken by the health consequences of his multiple gunshot wounds. Kayce also recovers from the wounds he suffered during the firefight. While at the hospital seeing to her father’s release, Beth takes interest in a 14-year old boy who witnesses the death of his heroin addicted father and brings him over home to Rip, who is initially reluctant to have him around but eventually takes him under his wing. Meanwhile, Jamie buys land with the help of his father, Garrett.

Episode 3: All I See Is You

Release Date: 14 November 2021

John and Kayce continue to hunt down the members of the multiple hit squads which were contracted to kill their family. The results are effective and bloody. In some cases, the hunted down perpetrators are bound, tortured, and questioned for further information about the hit squads which were hired to kill off John’s family. As they make progress in finding all the perpetrators, John decides that the best way to deal with one of them is in a one-on-one midnight shoot-out with handguns in which he successfully dispenses with his enemy.

Episode 4: Winning or Learning

Release Date: 21 November 2021

John takes Kayce to his favorite place at the ranch and tells him that he must determine if Jamie is loyal or unfaithful to the family. He gives Kayce the file given to him by Mo and Rainwater which identifies the apparent organizing Captain of the multiple hit squads hired to kill his family. The file identifies an imprisoned felon named Riggins. John instructs Kayce to take the file to Jamie and ask Jamie to open the prison file on Riggins for further data, and if Jamie balks or delays in anyway then John will assume that Jamie is selling out the family. After Kayce takes the file to Jamie, he gets Jamie to agree to order the prison files to be released. As the episode ends, Jamie receives the prison file for Riggins and is visibly dismayed when he sees that one of Riggins’s previous cell-mates was an ex-convict named Garrett Randall, whose name Jamie recognizes as being that of his own biological father.

Episode 5: Under a Blanket of Red

Release Date: 28 November 2021

John’s day gets off to a slow breakfast when he discovers that Beth has slept over at the house without telling anyone. She tells John that she is planning to leverage the offer from Market Equities and Schwatz & Meyers against both of them in an attempt to protect the ranch. At the Livestock Commission, Kayce is surprised by a random protest from an animal rights group against what they see as neglect by local ranchers. They are arrested though John’s attention is caught by the head protester and he bails her out while offering to show her a tour of the ranch. Jamie arranges for formal Immunity to Riggins in prison, and reduction of sentence to soft labor in prison if he gives information about his father Garrett Randall. When Jamie then goes to confront his father with his findings, he is surprised to find his ex-girlfriend Christina (from a previous season) walking up to him with a child, in front of Garrett, and she tells Jamie to meet his own son.

Episode 6: I Want to Be Him

Release Date: 5 December 2021

John’s invitation to the head protester to have a tour of the ranch turns into an overnight stay at the ranch, and Beth gets highly upset when she discovers that her father spent the night with a new love interest. Jamie returns to confront his own father about the assassination attempt against John by holding a loaded handgun in his biological father’s face. His father tells him to shoot if he completely believes that John did not act in his own interest over-and-above Jamie’s interests when it came to protecting John’s ranch. He embraces Jamie and the two seem reconciled for the moment. Lloyd continues to have troubles at the bunkhouse and stabs his rival in the side of the chest with his knife. His victim is patched up and John tells Lloyd that he is on final notice for either staying or leaving the ranch forever. Rip decides that Lloyd must have a final knock down fight with his bunkhouse rival with no holds barred. Meanwhile, Beth confronts Jamie again telling him that he is still on her notice as to being a disloyal member of the family.

Episode 7: Keep the Wolves Close

Release Date: 12 December 2021

Kayce is still searching for the missing horses reported as stolen and which are still not located. Jamie, meanwhile, continues bonding with his new found son, his father Garrett, and his returned ex-girlfriend Christina. Garrett asks Christina if she will help organize Jamie’s bid for Governor of the state. Beth goes to her new office and discovers that the plans to renovate Yellowstone and its surrounding area are far more advanced than she ever suspected. John’s sometimes love interest in the Governor comes to visit him at the ranch to tell him that she is running for the U.S. Senate, and that she is ready to endorse Jamie for Governor. John express grave doubts about Jamie’s loyalty and competence to be Governor, and tells her that he may end up running for Governor himself. Later, John confirms with Beth his suspicions about Jamie and his own plans to run for Governor. At the end of the episode Jamie thinks that he is ready to accept the endorsement of the current Governor for his own campaign, when suddenly she announces publicly that she is endorsing John as her chosen candidate for the new Governor instead of Jamie.

Episode 8: No Kindness for the Coward

Release Date: 19 December 2021

Back at his house, Jamie is distraught at the news that the old Governor has endorsed John to run for office instead of him as was promised. Garrett and Christina counsel him that he should ride out the endorsement as a minor set-back, and that John’s old-fashioned message will not help him with voters in a sustained race, which convinces Jamie that he has a better chance. Beth’s work at Market Equities puts her in charge of dealing with a large group of protesters at the building site for the new airport. John and Rip are heading for a meeting to see the Sheriff to discuss getting back at the convict in prison who John believes masterminded the assassination plot against him. When they reach the diner, John and Rip see that a hold-up is in progress at the diner and they go around to the back door armed with only a single handgun and a rifle. A bloody shoot-out takes place in the diner which John and Rip survive taking no prisoners. The sheriff is less lucky and takes fatal shots to the chest from the robbers during the shoot-out. As John approaches him after the shoot-out, he picks up the sheriff’s mobile and sees that the sheriff was trying to call his daughter with his final words, though he died just as the call went through. As the episode ends, John is left to relate to the sheriff’s daughter that her father had died in the line of duty.

Episode 9: No Such Thing as Fair

Release Date: 26 December 2021

Episode 10: Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops

Release Date: 2 January 2022

How many episodes in Yellowstone Season 4?

There are 10 episodes in Yellowstone Season 4.

How many Seasons of Yellowstone?

There are 4 Seasons of Yellowstone.

What channel is Yellowstone on?

Yellowstone is on Paramount+.


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