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Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire the Spider – man actor voiced the adult version of Tim Templeton in Boss Baby 2017 movie.

Tobey Maguire fans are curious to know why Tobey did not voiced Tim in Boss Baby 2.

Tobias Vincent Maguire better known as Tobey Maguire is an American actor and producer. Tobey was born on 27 June 1975. Tobey is 46 years old. Tobey gained name and fame from the Spider-Man trilogy (2002 – 2007) series. Tobey married Jennifer Meyer in 2007 and divorced in 2020.

To know the reason, first let us go in details about who voiced Tim Templeton in Boss Baby part 1 and 2.

Tim Templeton Voice Cast

Tim Templeton, the elder brother of Boss Baby (Ted Templeton). In the Boss Baby 2017 film, the first part of the Boss Baby movie series, the voice of 7 year old Tim is given by Miles Bakshi, while the voice of adult Tim is given by Tobey Maguire. Fans expected that Tobey Maguire will voice Tim Templeton in the second part of Boss Baby movie series. But other than the expectations, James Marsden voiced Tim Templeton in Boss Baby: The family Business (Boss Baby 2).

Why is Tobey Maguire not in Boss Baby 2?

Obvious reasons unknown, some guess works may explain the absence of Tobey Maguire in Boss Baby 2. Tobey is a well known actor and voicing for Tim in Boss Baby 2 could not make him top for his acting. May be this is one of the reasons Tobey did not consider to voice for Tim in Boss Baby 2.


Will Tobey Maguire be in Boss Baby 2?


Who did Tobey Maguire play in Boss Baby?

Adult Tim in The Boss Baby 2017 movie.

Who does Tim Templeton marry?



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