The Five Juanas Ending Explained

The Five Juanas (La Venganza de las Juanas) starring Zuria Vega, Renata Notni, Oka Giner, Sofia Engberg and Juanita Arias in the main role.

The Five Juanas is the story of five girls with the same birthmark on the same spot who meet coincidentally in a hotel or say destiny wanted to meet them. The five girls with the same birthmark on the same part of their body coincidentally did not know who their father is, so out of curiosity they get a DNA test to find out whether they are related in anyway or its just a simple coincidence.

After the DNA test the five girls find out that they are sisters, they have the same father. Now the search for their father starts. Later, they discover that Simón Marroquín (to be Chief Justice of Mexico) is their father.

The five girls plan to teach Simón Marroquín a lesson for all the wrong he had done to their mother. Simón Marroquín was responsible for death of Bautista’s mother, he kept Caridad’s mother on drugs so that she may never be normal again. Also, Simón’s wife discovers that he had a daughter with her own sister. Valentina and Federigo fall in love since the day they met, but later Valentina discovered that they are brother and sister because of which she left Federigo without any explanation which leaves Federigo heartbroken.

But, before the five sisters could teach Simón a lesson, Simón hanged himself. The Five Juanas move on in their life.

Three months after Simón Marroquín’s death, Rogelio Marroquín, father of Simón Marroquín wants to take revenge from the five girls for the loss of his son. Rogelio offers the five girls an huge and beautiful place to stay and convinced that he is sorry for what his son did to their mothers, but now he wants to recover it by offering them a chance to stay at the place. Rogelio, also added that the girls can count on him and he is there to help them in every way possible.

All the Juanas except Valentina accepted the offer. Rogelio played his games which forced Valentina to move in to the house. Matilde, whose father at first refused to let his daughter go, allowed her to go and stay because they were made feel that Pocho, Matilde’s ex-husband might try to harm her and she will be better and safe in the place together with the other girls. Bautista’s savings wiped out and having no option left, she moved in. Manny and Caridad was easy, they already had accepted the offer as Manny could hardly get a job and Caridad who had lived all her life in Church willingly wanted to live her life at a better place.

Rogelio, step by step, planned everything against all the five girls. He even put then under his surveillance. Bautista warned the girls that Rogelio is actually doing all this to harm them, destroy them, but none of them believed her.

Rogelio smelled the threat he had from Bautista, so using his allies, he transferred Bautista to Aquarium, a place where he used to kept girls for human trafficking.

Jordi, brother of Ana (friend of Valentina) who was kidnapped was looking for his sister and contacted Valentina. Jordi met Matilde and fell in love with her. When everything went wrong and all the Juanas were almost destroyed, Jordi came to Matilde at the place Rogelio gave them to stay where he figured out that there were cameras.

Bautista escaped with Ana from the Aquarium with the help of a guard and all the five Juanas finally meet. They also found that Victor had the same birthmark at the same spot which made it clear that Victor is son of Rogelio. Jordi and Lorenzo destroyed everything against the five Juanas and Rogelio was arrested. Victor, hanged Rogelio in prison to death, similarly the way Rogelio killed his wife and son Simon.


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