Netflix Merchandise Shop – Know about Customer Service, Returns and Accessibility

Netflix has launched its own online shop on Thursday June 10, 2021 where Netflix is going to sell limited edition merchandise, apparel and collectibles which have been inspired by the anime series ‘Yasuke’ and ‘Eden’.

Collections inspired by the anime series ‘Yasuke’ and ‘Eden’ is available to sale for fans only on Netflix Shop, which are designed by Nathalie Nguyen, Jordan Bentley and Kristopher Kites.

Netflix has also announced merchandise inspired by popular series Lupin will be available soon.

Customers residing outside US may soon expect services from Netflix Shop as Netflix thinks about expanding its services to other countries as well. For now customers in US can shop from Netflix shop.

Customer Service

Netflix Shop offers its customers service five days a week, Monday to Friday with 12 hours of service (8:00 am – 8:00 pm). Customers can dial 1-888-838-4366 or mail to [email protected].

Return Policy

Netflix Shop is offering a return policy where customer can return products within a period of 30 days except personalized or custom products. But there are other important facts a customer must know about return and exchange policy of Netflix Shop.

Netflix Shop is not offering a free return shipping. Yes, you read it correct. Also, a customer is needed to pay for the shipping fee of any exchange order.


One can find ‘Accessibility tools’ at the bottom of the page on Netflix Shop.

What is accessibility tools?

Accessibility tool is for the users to explore and access the online Netflix Shopping site according to their personal needs.

How to use accessibility tools?

Accessibility Tools option can be found at the bottom of the page. After clicking on it, a interface on the left side of the screen will appear. One can change the position from left to right by clicking on the ↔ symbol, available on the top side of the left corner of the accessibility tool interface.

Accessibility tools offers settings like change in font size, screen-reader for blind users, change in alignment, color adjustments, orientation adjustments, etc.

Accessibility tools comes with an option of ‘Hide Interface’. Once a user accepts to hide the interface, the accessibility tool is hidden for the user.

How to retrieve accessibility tool after accepting hide interface?

Any user can gain access to accessibility tools after accepting hide interface by clearing their browsing history and data. Once a user clears his browsing history and data, the accessibility tools is again available to access.


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