Mayor Of Kingstown Cast

Kyle Chandler as Mitch McLusky

Kyle Martin Chandler is an American actor, born on 17 September 1965 in Buffalo, New York, United States.

SpouseKathryn Chandler
Age56 years
Height1.85 m

Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky

Jeremy Lee Renner is an American actor, born on 7 January 1971 in Modesto, California, United States.

Age50 years

Derek Webster as Stevie

Derek Webster is an American actor, born on 1 January 1981 in Bakersfield, California, United States.

Age40 years

Hugh Dillon

Hugh Dillon is a Canadian singer and actor, born on 31 May 1963 in Kingston, Canada.

Age58 years

Taylor Handley as Kyle McLusky

Taylor Laurence Handley is an American actor, born on 1 June 1984 in Santa Barbara, California, United States.

Age37 years

Emma Laird as Iris

Emma Laird is a British actress.


Dianne Wiest as Mariam

Dianne Evelyn Wiest is an American actress, born on 28 March 1948 in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

Age73 years


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