Lock and Key Netflix Cast Lucas | Locke and Key Lucas Actor

Felix Mallard plays Lucas in Lock and Key. Felix Mallard is an Australian actor, musician, and model. Felix Mallard was seen as Marcus in the 2021 series Ginny and Georgia.

Felix Mallard Instagram

Follow Felix Mallard on Instagram —>>> itsfelixwhat

Felix Mallard Age

Felix Mallard is 23 years old.

What Episode Is Lucas in Locke and Key

Season 1 (2020)

Episode 5: Family Tree

Episode 6: The Black Door

Episode 8: Ray of F**king Sunshine

Episode 9: Echoes

Episode 10: Crown of Shadows

Season 2 (2021)

Episode 10: Cliffhanger (2021)

Locke and Key Lucas Real Name

Felix Mallard is the real name of Lucas Caravaggio in Locke & Key.


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