Furies Netflix 2024 Cast

Netflix’s new 2024 series, Furies, stars a strong cast of French performers including Lina El Arabi and Steve Tientcheu. The series chronicles the story of Lyna as she embarks on a journey inside the Paris criminal underworld to uncover the identity of her father’s killer. 

Lina El Arabi as Lyna

Lyna is the daughter of a crooked banker, and her life changes after her father’s sad death on her birthday. Her father’s death serves as motivation for her revenge tour through Paris’ criminal underground, as she seeks to identify the assassin responsible for the crime. Lyna’s quest for vengeance threatens her life as she uncovers the truth about her family’s history and the dangers of the underground.

Steve Tientcheu as Le Fixeur

Le Fixeur (aka “The Fixer”) assists Fury in hunting down targets and prospective opponents.
In Episode 3, Le Fixeur discovers Lyna’s true identity, revealing that the actual Lyna Guerrab has already died.

Jeremy Nadeau as Elie

Jeremy Nadeau stars in Furies as Elie, Lyna’s lover who also works as a cop. Even though his girlfriend’s father is slain, Elie refuses to assist Lyna with the inquiry for unknown reasons.

Eye Haidara as Keita

Keita (Eye Haidara) is a police captain determined to bring down the bigwigs of Paris’ criminal underworld.

Marina Fois as Selma

Marina Fois portrays Selma, the designated Fury and Lyna’s real aunt. Selma assists Lyna in discovering the crucial components of the underworld, introducing her to the criminal lords and big-name figures she needs to know to uncover the truth about her father’s death.

Quentin Faure as Le Boueux

Quentin Faure’s Le Boueux is the Fury’s devoted aide who keeps an eye on Lyna at the start of the series.

Sandor Funtek as Orso

Sandor Funtek’s Orso is Lyna’s second romantic interest, assisting her with her wild adventures in the criminal underworld. Initially recruited by the mafia lords to assassinate Lyna, Orso refuses because he cares for her. Orso is also important in telling Lyna the terrible truth about her family and Selma’s genuine intentions.

Fatima Adoum as Amytis

Amytis, Lyna’s adoptive mother, is hurt after the assassin kills her husband. Fatima Adoum plays the character on-screen.

Anne Azoulay as Mama

Mama (Anne Azoulay) is a gang ruler in Paris’ criminal underground who runs a prostitution ring. Mama’s prostitution ring is important to Lyna’s research because she utilises it to go undercover as a prostitute to learn more about her father’s death.

Alex Brendemuhl as Parques

Alex Brendemuhl plays Parques, the leader of the underworld assassins who seek to replace Selma as the criminal underworld’s Fury. Throughout the eight-episode season of Furies, Parques tries all out to assassinate Lyna since he believes she is the next in line to become a Fury after Selma.

Mathieu Kassovitz as Driss

Mathieu Kassovitz portrays Lyna’s biological father, Driss, in Furies. Driss is eventually revealed to be the man who killed Lyna’s adoptive father. Driss’ sadistic side is also revealed as he devises a scheme to murder his daughter and the other criminal underworld bosses.

Roman Suarez-Pazos as Fraco K

Fraco K, played by Roman Suarez-Pazos, is one of the two K brothers. Fraco K is an underworld ganglord that is spearheading the charge on robberies.


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