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In “Surviving El Chapo: The Twins Who Brought Down a Drug Lord,” rapper and businessman Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and journalist Charlie Webster lead listeners through a conversation with twin brothers Pedro (Peter) and Margarito (Jay) Flores, drug dealers and federal informants whose cooperation led to the indictment of Sinaloa cartel leader Joaqun “El Chapo” Guzmán and others.

The inaugural season of the podcast, which debuted on October 19, has 12 episodes. The last episode, created by Lionsgate Sound and G-Unit Audio in conjunction with iHeartPodcasts, will be released on December 21. For the first time, the brothers reveal the story of growing up in Chicago and being groomed by their father in the techniques of illegal drug dealing. That life led to another of on-the-run escapades and near-death experiences. In their own words, they walk listeners through their traumatic stories of being kidnapped, finding love, using McDonald’s as a business model, and being rewarded for cooperating with authorities.

The brothers pleaded guilty to drug distribution and became informants after the government charged them in 2008. The brothers had not only proven invaluable to the cartel, but had also become close to Guzmán himself. Their undercover work resulted in the arrests of Guzmán, his senior leaders, and dozens of other drug traffickers from Chicago to Mexico. It also appears to have resulted in the murder of their father, who travelled to Mexico and vanished in 2009.

The gripping narrative of lawless Midwest twin drug kingpin siblings is the podcast’s emphasis, but there is a story behind getting the story. It begins with the story of how an unassuming duo was trying to do a nice deed when they happened to meet paths with a platinum-selling hip-hop artist.

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