False Positive Movie Spoiler | False Positive Ending Explained

False Positive is an American horror film scheduled to release on hulu on Friday 25 June 2021. False Positive is the story of a couple Lucy and Adrian and a fertility Doctor Dr. Hindle who helps the Lucy to get pregnant. But after pregnancy Lucy discovers out something odd.

False Positive has its World Premiere on Friday June 18, 2021 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

False Positive directed by John Lee is a horror thriller film. Lucy and Adrian are married couples trying to have a baby for the past two years. After unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, Lucy agrees to meet a fertility doctor. Lucy meets Dr. Hindle who is going to help her get pregnant. With the help of Dr. Hindle, Lucy gets pregnant and she has triplets in her, two boys and a girl.

But dr. Hindle asks Lucy that she has to make a choice between her triplet babies. She has two options, either to chose two boys or the baby girl. Lucy agrees to Dr. Hindle and undergoes selective reduction. But once the procedure of selection reduction is over, Lucy starts noticing something very odd.

Lucy finds her friend from pregnancy group quite uncomfortable with the concern’s that Lucy has. Also, one of the Dr. Hindle’s nurse is behaving quite odd.

Lucy feels alone. She has a lot of work on the table and she wants someone with whom she can exchange words. Lucy’s mother died few years ago. Lucy’s dreams are awful. She sees herself drowning in blood.

Lucy’s Doctor, Dr. Hindle thinks that he knows more about his patient than the patient herself.

Pregnant Lucy lives in a very challenging environment. Ilana Glazer as Lucy has played an outstanding role.

Where can I watch False Positive?

On hulu


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