Facts of Life Live Cast Dink

Will Arnett played The Facts of Life’s Dink Lockwood in a reenactment of the third season episode “Kids Can Be Cruel” for the third edition of Live in Front of a Studio Audience.

ActorTitle of the SeriesEpisodeYear
Dink LockwoodLive in Front of a Studio AudienceDiff’rent Strokes: Kids Can Be Cruel2021

Will Arnett

William Emerson Arnett is a Canadian actor and comedian. Will Arnett was born on 4 May 1970 in Toronto, Canada.

Age51 years
Height1.89 m
SpousePenelope Ann Miller (1994 – 1995), Amy Poehler (2003 – 2016)
Net Worth$35 million
Who plays Dink on the facts of life live show?

Will Arnett played Dink Lockwood in The Facts of Life Live show.


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