Don’t Look Up Cast | Dont Look Up Cast

Leonardo DiCaprio as Dr. Randall Mindy (an astronomer)

Jennifer Lawrence as Kate Dibiasky (an astronomer)

Cate Blanchett as Brie Evantee

Rob Morgan as Dr. Clayton (“Teddy” Oglethorpe, a scientist who aids Dibiasky and Mindy on their quest)

Meryl Streep as President Janie Orlean

Jonah Hill as Jason Orlean (President Orlean’s son and Chief of Staff)

Timothée Chalamet as Quentin

Ariana Grande as Riley Bina

Himesh Patel as Phillip

Scott Mescudi as DJ Chello

Matthew Perry as Dan Pawketty (a conservative talking head)

Tomer Sisley as Adul Grelio

Tyler Perry as Jack Bremmer

Melanie Lynskey as June

Ron Perlman as Colonel Ben Drask

Chris Evans as Peter Isherwell

Paul Guilfoyle as General Themes (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)


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