Dangerous Liaisons 2022 Cast Names

Dangerous Liaisons (Original title: Les Liaisons Dangereuses) is a French movie starring Nicolas Berno, Elsa Duchez, and Aymeric Fougeron. Dangerous Liaisons released on 8 July 2022 on Netflix.

Nicolas Berno as Patrick


Elsa Duchez as Ariel


Aymeric Fougeron as Pierre


Victoria Grace as Ariel (English version- voice)

Héloïse Janjaud as Charlotte

Oscar Lesage as Oscar

Paola Locatelli as Célène


Julien Lopez as Julius

Camille Léon-Fucien as Naya

Jin Xuan Mao as Tao

Alexis Michalik as Christophe

Ella Pellegrini as Vanessa

Sabine Perraud as Madame Badiola

Veronica Powers as Charlotte (English version – voice)

Simon Rérolle as Tristan

Ahmed Shawky Shaheen

Rachel Suissa as La directrice de théâtre

Tristan Zanchi as Ben

Dangerous Liaisons 2022 Release Date

Dangerous Liaisons released on 8th of July 2022.

Dangerous Liaisons 2022 Review

At Victor Hugo High School in the southern French resort of Biarritz, Tristan (Simon Rérolle) and Vanessa (Ella Pellegrini) are a power couple looking to gain influence. She is a fading child star; he is a superb surfer and rapper. A new student named Célène (Paola Locatelli), a tech celibate who lords her Luddite superiority over her shallow peers by bringing a Proust hardcover to a pool party. Together, these performative lovebirds have 10 million social media followers. They don’t really care. Tristan declares the update’s central tenet: “You can be a loser and be honourable or wealthy.” “Today, fame is everything.”

Dangerous Liaisons 2022 Ending

Celene is 17 and already engaged to a nice person who lives somewhere else, but love has no bounds, right? Tristan wants to seduce Celene, bed her, and then dump her. He will use or otherwise disrespect everyone who stands in his way, such as her DJ/drug dealer friend Tao (Jin Xuan Mao) and her cherished ding-dong cousin Charlotte (Heloise Janjaud). There are numerous ways to make the evil plan either succeed or fail, including the following: Preparations for the school musical, Vanessa’s elaborate cosplay party with E-laced punch, and a surfing lesson gone wrong that results in Tristan carrying a chilled-to-the-bone Celene toward a convenient upscale beach hut with ideal romantic lighting, warm, cosy blankets, and Pottery Barn pillows next to a firepit that has already been lit—just add a match. The bell for disaster will soon be rung by a chorus of dinging phones.


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