Cheer Netflix Cast

Navarro: The Newbies

Maddy Brum

Maddy Brum is a 3 times World Champion. Follow Maddy on Instagram.

Gillian Rupert

Gillian Rupert cheered for Cheer Athletics where she helped win Worlds in 2019. Follow Gillian on Instagram.

Cassadee Dunlap

Cassadee Dunlap is quite well know for TLC shows Cheer Perfection and Toddlers & Tiaras. Follow Cassadee Dunlap on Instagram.

Brooke Morosca

Brooke Morosca has cheered for Cheer Athletics and Next Level Cheerleading. Follow Brooke Morosca on Instagram.

Payton Sykes

Payton Sykes cheers for Cheer Athletics and Woodlands Elite Cheer Company. Follow Payton Sykes on Instagram.

Navarro: The Coaching Staff

Kailee Peppers

Dahlston Delgado

Trinity Valley: The Rival Cheerleaders

Jada Wooten

Jeron Hazelwood

Devonte “Dee” Joseph

Angel Rice

Jaden “Jaymo” Rice

Ben “Benji” Chester

Trinity Valley: The Coaching Staff

Vontae Johnson

Khris Franklin

Brad Vaughan


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