Cast of Casualty Tonight 2022

Casualty Season 36 Episode 28 Trigger aired on 26th March 2022. The Cast of Casualty Season 36 Episode 28 includes:

Osi Okerafor as Matthew Afolami

Elinor Lawless as Stevie Nash

Amanda Henderson as Robyn Miller

William Beck as Dylan Keogh

Michael Stevenson as Iain Dean

Arin Smethurst as Sah Brockner

Neet Mohan as Rashid Masum

Di Botcher as Jan Jenning

Kirsty Mitchell as Faith Cadogan

Charles Venn as Jacob Masters

Paul Popplewell as Paul Pegg

Alexander Nicolaou as Curtis Hinch

Eden Ottman as Nicole Eisenstadt

Jessica Rhodes as Michelle Savini

Helena Dennis as Nurse


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