Cast of Aftermath Netflix | Aftermath Netflix 2021 Trailer


Aftermath Netflix 2021 Trailer

Aftermath Netflix 2021 Main Cast

Ashley Greene as Natalie Dadich

Ashley Greene

Shawn Ashmore as Kevin Dadich

Shawn Ashmore

Diana Hopper as Avery

Diana Hopper

Britt Baron as Dani

Britt Baron

Sharif Atkins as Officer Richardson

Sharif Atkins

Travis Coles as Garrett

Travis Coles

Jamie Kaler as Dave

Jamie Kaler

Alexander Bedria as Robert

Alexander Bedria

Jason Liles as Otto

Jason Liles

Aftermath Netflix 2021 Cast on YouTube

Is Aftermath on Netflix?

Aftermath released on Netflix on 4 August 2021. Click here to watch Aftermath on Netflix

Is Aftermath based on a True Story?

The answer to this questions cannot be given straight as a Yes or a No. As the trailer of the movie mentions that the film is based on True events while there is hardly any information related to it.


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