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Big Timber

Kevin Wenstob

Kevin Wenstob is a logger and sawmill operator. Kevin is married to Sarah Fleming and their oldest son is Erik Wenstob and youngest son is Jack Wenstob. Kevin is the owner of Wenstob Timber Resources.

Sarah Fleming

Sarah is the owner of Wenstob Timber Resources alongwith Kevin, mother of Erik and Jack and Wife of Kevin Wenstob.

Erik Wenstob

Erik Wenstob is the eldest son of Kevin and Sarah, the owners of Wenstob Timber Resources. Erik has studied Aviation Mechanics and he is the Heavy Duty Mechanic in Wenstob Timber Resources.

Coleman Willner

Coleman Willner is called Kevin’s right-hand man. Coleman is life-long friend of Erik Wenstob. Coleman is neighbor of Kevin and at the age of 17 years, Coleman started part time job at Wenstob Timber Resources. Coleman now works as Lead Hand (Hook Tender & Sawyer) at Wenstob Timber Resources.

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Big Timber Coleman

Big Timber Mill Location

Klitsa Mountain, Vancouver Island (North of Canada-US border)


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