Who Plays Sisu in Raya and the Last Dragon

Awkwafina – Real Name, Age, Height, Awards, Net Worth

Nora Lum also known as Awkwafina, an American Actress plays the role of Sisu in Raya and the Last Dragon. Awkwafina is also a comedian, rapper, author and television host.

Awkwafina became popular after her song ‘My Vag’ on youtube became popular. Awkwafina was born on 2 June 1988 in Stony Brook, New York, United States. Awkwafina is 33 years old. Awkwafina is the recipient of Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Awkwafina is 155 cm tall. Awkwafina’s net worth is $8 million.


Sisudatu in short called sisu is a fictional character in the animated feature Raya and the last Dragon. The voice of Sisu is given by Awkwafina. The character Sisu, is inspired by the Naga (means Snake) from Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Sisu Siblings

Pengu, Jagan, Amba, Pranee

What type of dragon is Sisu?

Water Dragon

Awkwafina real name?

Nora Lum


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