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Ali (Player 199) died in Episode 6 in Squid Game. Anupam Tripathi, who lives in South Korea, an Indian by origin player the role of Abdul Ali (Player 199), a foreigner from Pakistan who came to South Korea for employment opportunity with his wife and 1 year old son.

If you want to watch the death scene of Ali, you can watch it on Facebook (in Korean language) – Ali Death Scene.

Ali From Squid Game Real Name

Ali from Squid Game, Player 199’s real name is Anupam Tripathi, he was born on 2 November, 1988.

Age32 years

Ali Squid Game Cast

We come to see the character Ali in Episode 1 when he saved Gi-hun in Red Light, Green Light game. From episode 1, Ali (Player 199) won millions of heart. We see Ali saving one player in episode 1, while we see Ali getting betrayed by another player in episode 6, because of which Ali dies.

Who Killed Ali in Squid Game

The staff shot Ali, which took Ali’s life, but the answer to the question ‘Who Killed Ali?’ is not this simple and easy.

Sang-woo (Player 218) betrayed Ali in fourth game. Ali won the game and definitely it was Sang-woo who should have died, but sang-woo took advantage of Ali’s innocence and his blind trust on Sang-woo. We can say that apart from the bullet, it was Sang-woo’s betrayal that killed Ali.

Is Ali Alive in Squid Game Season 2

Ali died in Squid Game Season 1 Episode 6 and this makes us clear that Ali will not return if Squid Game returns for Season 2, though we may expect Ali’s guest appearance in Gi-hun’s flashbacks or memories.

Squid Game Ali Betrayal

The character Ali had humanity, loyalty, Innocence, Love, Trust and Respect for everyone but not betrayal. On the other hand, Sang-woo, an intelligent guy, smart, hardworking, cunning, who would do anything to survive, anything to win the game, even if it comes to betray anyone.

Sang-woo betrayed Ali in episode 6, because of which Ali died. Ali won the game with Sang-woo and it was Ali who was meant to live and not Sang-woo, but using tactics, Sang-woo fooled Ali, took his marbles and let Ali die. A betrayal in friendship, breaking someone’s trust who trusted you the most may not take away your physical existence, but the feeling is not less than getting killed.

What episode did Ali die squid game?

Ali (Player 199) died in Episode 6: Gganbu Squid Game.


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