A California Christmas City Lights Cast

Cali and Joseph are back the Christmas on Netflix. The rich and charming Joseph had a carefree lifestyle, but now he is in danger of losing his tranquility. After a change in life, he goes to a farm to help with daily tasks. There Joseph meets Callie who needs to fulfill a mission to sell the family land before the Christmas break. Joseph decides to help her and the two work hard to keep the place immaculate. However, a romance will emerge in the midst of the professional agreement, messing up their routine. The story of A California Christmas continues in A California Christmas City Lights. A CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS: CITY LIGHTS, a year after their romance began, a couple travel to San Francisco to attend to family matters.

A CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS: CITY LIGHTS is a sequel to the Christmas classic A CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS released on Netflix in 2020. It is a sweet, captivating and simple love story that will make you connect with the experiences and emotions of its protagonists. The cinematography presents spectacular and beautiful settings that perfectly complement the story.

Lauren Swickard as Callie

Lauren Swickard, also known as Lorynn York, is an American actress, writer and producer.

Age28 years
SpouseJosh Swickard

Josh Swickard as Joseph

Joshua Swickard is an American model and actor.

Age29 years
SpouseLauren Swickard

Ali Afshar as Leo


David Del Rio as Manny

David Del Rio is an American actor, director, and producer.

Age34 years
SpouseKatherine Del Rio

Natalia Mann as Hannah


Noah James as Owen

Noah James is an actor and director.


Gunnar Anderson as Connor

Gunnar Anderson is an actor and writer.


Laura James as Victoria


A California Christmas City Lights Release Date

A CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS: CITY LIGHTS comes out December 16,2021 on Netflix.

A California Christmas City Lights Trailer


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