5 Tips to Stream Better on Netflix Easily

Here’s How You Can Stream Better on Netflix 

5 Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Netflix

Let’s face it. You would rather spend your time binge-watching on Netflix than doing anything else. And it’s easy too. Netflix has millions of paying subscribers who enjoy its simple-to-use website and interface. But what most people don’t know is that they can go beyond the standard viewing options. They’re overlooked just because they’re not at the forefront. But they can take your streaming experience to a whole other level. Here’s how you can stream better on Netflix.  

Select the Best Plan That Suits You 

Most people sign up for Netflix and then jump straight to the Standard plan. This is great but there are a lot of other options that might be more suited to your viewing habits. Just like other TV deals such as TV Plans, Netflix, too, offers various viewing plans. The streaming giant offers five different plans that range from Basic to Premium. Netflix’s Basic plan allows standard definition streaming on a single screen. The Standard plan offers HD streaming on dual screens while the Premium plan allows HD or 4K viewing on 4 screens. This choice depends on whether you enjoy watching high-quality television or you’re okay with basic viewing. It also comes down to your budget so make sure you factor that in too.  

Create Profiles on Your Account  

Netflix provides the best recommendation technology that’s tailored to your needs and preferences. It tracks what shows you watch and then lists recommendations based on this. You’ll get a carefully selected list of the top-rated shows and movies that are similar to what you watch. This is the way most Netflix users discover new and different shows and movies. 

 But when you’re sharing your account with other people, your recommendation list gets disrupted. If your kids, your friends, and your wife share your account, there’s a good chance you’ll get the strangest recommendations. Nobody wants to be recommended My Little Pony after watching Blade Runner. This is why you should create different profiles on your Netflix account. Build a separate profile for each user. Netflix allows up to separate profiles. This keeps everybody’s preferences separate and accounted for.  

Organize Your Continue Watching List 

There are a lot of times when you’re feeling ambitious as you browse through Netflix. You want to watch a 3-hour Martin Scorsese or a 2-hour documentary on the World Wars. But let’s face it. Nobody has time for all time. There’s a good chance it will be left unfinished after the first 20 minutes of viewing. But Netflix organizes even this. It saves this information and presents it to you for later. 

 So, if you’re watching something and you don’t have time to complete it, Netflix will make a list of it. It shows the exact time it’s left off so you can resume watching anytime. But, when Netflix makes a list out of this, it can get long and messy. There are some movies you will never back to. But you don’t have to keep seeing them on your home page. Many people think there’s no escaping the ‘Continue Watching’ list but you can always delete items you don’t want.  

Explore the ‘Download’ Option 

Have you noticed the download option that appears at the end of the title? It’s likely that even if you, you’ve never bothered to check it out. Netflix allows you to download various shows and movies offline too. Yes, everybody knows Netflix as the popular streaming giant. But you can also download content for offline viewing. When you don’t have a working internet connection, you can always browse through your downloaded movie collection to watch what you want. Even when you’re traveling, you can download movies and series for your trips and then watch them on your phone. You don’t even need to carry a giant laptop around with your everywhere.  

Use An Unblocker to Get Content from Anywhere  

This one’s the greatest feature available. It sounds too good to be true but it’s very much possible. You know that different countries have different movies and show selections, right? There are a lot of movie options you’re missing out on that Spain probably has a lot of. Many countries have Modern Family on their Netflix while you’re stuck watching re-runs of mediocre sitcoms. But content from everywhere can be available to you with an unblocker. Some unblockers are free and some require a fee. But they work great. Just be careful of malware and viruses.  


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