Young and the Restless Claire

Hayley Erin Feil is an American actress. She is recognised for her performance as Claire Grace on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, as well as Kiki Jerome on the ABC soap opera General Hospital, for which she received a Daytime Emmy Award.

Hayley Erin - The Young and the Restless Cast Member Claire

Erin will make her feature film debut in the upcoming picture, New Life. Her various television credits include guest roles on NCIS and Modern Family.

What happened to Claire from The Young and the Restless?

Happily settled in her new life as a Newman, Claire’s prospects look to be wide open, and the sky is the limit. Why do we believe her entire future is dependent on the outcome of an imminent encounter on The Young & Restless?

Claire’s dream came true when Kyle finally decided to offer her the position of nanny to the gorgeous Harrison. They could spend hours together every day baking cookies, playing football and reliving their nightmare of being kidnapped by ‘the witch’—a wonderful match!

That’s right, Summer proved to be a spoiler when Claire realised she hadn’t given her OK to the arrangement. In truth, as Victoria’s daughter discovered when she questioned her cousin, Summer still did not want Claire around Harrison. Why? She can’t get the notion that it won’t be healthy for her son. What she didn’t say was that she doesn’t believe Claire is genuinely secure in light of the crimes she inflicted against Sum’s family.

Okay, fair enough. Claire reminded Summer that she respected her position and would not accept the job as Harrison’s babysitter without her approval. That takes us to our preview, which features an entirely new meeting between the two.

Claire asks Summer for a second chance after allowing her a few days to consider her decision. We can’t help but believe that the outcome of their meeting is critical to Claire’s very future.

Why? If Summer chooses to forgive Claire and accept her as her nanny, her cousin’s desire of “working with children” will be realised. If Kyle’s ex rejects Claire as a family member or babysitter for Harrison, it could negatively impact Claire’s recovery and potentially lead to her relapse into psychosis.

Perhaps Summer will refuse to give the go-ahead, and Claire, fed up, will accept Kyle’s job offer nonetheless, establishing an ongoing rivalry.

Even if Summer gives Claire the thumbs up for nanny Harrison, we’ll be on tenterhooks since the writing is on the wall in big, red warning letters: Summer is likely to be envious of Claire’s burgeoning friendship with not only her kid, but also her ex-husband.


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