Who Plays Monsignor Pruitt on Midnight Mass

Hamish Linklater plays Monsignor Pruitt and Father Paul on Midnight Mass. Monsignor Pruitt and Father Paul are the dual characters which Hamish Linklater plays. During the first few episodes, it seems that Monsignor Pruitt is sick as Father Paul says, but the fact that Father Paul knows everyone and identifies them easily makes us think how can Father Paul know everyone so accurately when he is himself new in Crockett Island.

Hamish Linklater is an American actor born on 7 July 1976 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States. Hamish Linklater is 45 years old and his height is 1.93 m. Hamish Linklater is married to Lily Rabe. Hamish Linklater’s Net Worth is around $4 million. You can follow Hamish Linklater on Instagram by clicking on the link given below.

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Father Paul is Monsignor Pruitt and Monsignor Pruitt is Father Paul. Monsignor Pruitt was blessed by an Angel after which Monsignor Pruitt recovered and got his youth back.

In the first episode we see that Father Paul comes to Crockett Island with a big box with him. Father Paul carries the Angel with him so that he can treat Mildred Gunning and bring her youth back. Monsignor Pruitt (Father Paul) actually loved Gunning and Sarah was their daughter but because he was Priest he never had the courage to live his life with his love and daughter.

After getting his youth back, Monsignor Pruitt came back to Crockett Island with the Angel so that he can now live with his family and daughter happily. But things didn’t go the way as Monsignor Pruitt thought.

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