Who killed Alex in the fatal Attraction? A myth or a Mystery!

We are all fascinated by thrillers and horrifying shows and films. And if the film received an Oscar nomination and grossed 320 million dollars worldwide, it would undoubtedly evoke a sense of perplexity.

“Fatal Attraction”, an erotic thriller film framed in 1987 starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, shows the perfect combination of rage and psychic nature.

The movie came into the limelight just because of its hallucinatory story and mind-blowing plot. The movies framed Glen as Alex, an evidently insane woman who had an affair with a family man Dan (Michael Douglas). The wife of Dan, Beth (Anne Archer), is also a prominent character within the whole plot.

As the movie starts, Within a short span of time, the situation gets worsen; the character Alex gets too obsessed and jealous of Dan in a psychic way that she wants to destroy Dan’s marriage and even his life.

Like any other thriller film, the movie ends with a certain twist which has crime and murder. But the most piqued question, who killed Alex in the fatal Attraction, has thrilled the user’s mind.

The end plot of the movie has left the audience stunned with more questions than that answers, so before getting to the end of the movie, let’s understand some fascinating facts and secrets of the movie that will leave you amazed all the way.

The behind scenes of the movie and the incident with the poor pet rabbit shows some dark and impactful ending. As this portrays that Dan’s wife Beth already knew the secret that Alex has determined to ruin her relationship.

The dark memorable ending of the movie once had an altered conclusion which left the audience hating the story and unhappy with the early test screening, so to put the movie in a better direction, a second conclusion of the movie was filmed. The screening of both conclusions can be interesting to compare as the conclusion changes the whole plot of the movie, adding more sense to it.

The end part of the movie is not for the light-hearted audience and is even hard to forget; as we discussed earlier, The family pet rabbit was attacked by Alex, and after killing the family pet, Alxe attacked Dan’s wife in the kitchen Kinfe in her apartment.

As the attack was on Beth, Dan tried to tackle Alex and seemingly drowned her in the bathtub, but even though she survived. Here comes the end of the movie. Heres comes to the end of the movie, where Beth comes up with Dan’s revolver and kills Alex by shooting her in the chest as she had left with no other option.

Here is the answer to the most Piqued question, who killed Alex in the fatal Attraction?

However, the movie was not supposed to be finished in such a straightforward manner. The original ending of the film by James Dearden portrays that Alex had to kill herself and frame Dan for the murder.

Although this end plot was drastically hated by the audience and there were some changes. But after three decades, in 2023, Paramount+ intends to launch a series of Fatal Attraction with a thriller series concept.

The film features several twists and turns and leaves the audience surprised with its particular completion, yet the characters in the film nailed their roles in specific areas. In addition, the Paramount+ series is attempting to include a backstory and postscript that were not included at the start, which will provide the audience with a dramatically thrilled masterpiece.


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