The Time It Takes Netflix Cast

The Time It Takes (El tiempo que te doy), directed by Nadia de Santiago, starring – Nadia de Santiago, Álvaro Cervantes, David Castillo, Nico Romero, Carla Linares, Moussa Echarif, and Cala Zavaleta.

El tiempo que te doy Cast

Nadia de Santiago as Lina

Nadia de Santiago Capell is a Spanish actress, born on 3 January 1990 in Madrid, Spain.

Age31 years

Álvaro Cervantes as Nico

Álvaro Cervantes is a Spanish actor, born on 12 September 1989 in Barcelona, Spain.

Age32 years

David Castillo

David Castillo Martínez is a Spanish actor, born on 16 October 1992 in Madrid, Spain.

Age29 years

Nico Romero

Antonio Nicolás “Nico” Romero Díaz is a Spanish actor, born on 8 March 1983 in Cáceres‎, Spain.

Age38 years

Carla Linares

Carla Linares is an actress.

Moussa Echarif


Cala Zavaleta

Cala Zavaleta is an actress.

Age30 years


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